Wedding Planning on a Date Night?!

Hear me out, some people dread wedding planning, but here are some ideas that you can plan for while you have a date night to make things fun!

Make your Wedding Playlist

In this previous post, I talked about the ULTIMATE wedding playlist. Essentially, your wedding day playlist should be your soundtrack. Play some music, dance around your home and narrow down your wedding day tunes!

Craft your Signature Beverage

I love a custom beverage, it gives guests a spark of inspiration to try something that they wouldn't usually order. It can be alcoholic beverages at cocktail hour, special teas or coffees made with dessert, or favourite mocktails throughout the night! Cheers!

Create your Gift Registry

You're sitting on your couch all snuggled up, and you look around and think "ou, a framed wedding portrait would look great on the shelf, a vase full of flowers on the table for special occasions, and that eggs could have been made in better cookware this morning." Enjoy making your registry, put the staples on there, but add some entertaining items on there for you! Even if you do not want loved ones to purchase things for you, have fun and make one since most companies offer a discount to you on unpurchased items.

Plan your Engagement Session with Amy Godin Photography

I love sessions that have a personal touch to them. Something to chat about what do you want your session to be like for you two?

Attire ideas: do you want to be dressed up, rock full formalwear or have a more casual feel?

Location: is there a spot that has super fond memories (that allows photographs)?

Activities: is there a seasonal activity/event you two love?

Plan your Honeymoon

With travel, I feel like the rule is the sooner the better. Some conversation starters: how long can you both take for your honeymoon, do you want to leave the night of your wedding, do you want a staycation or a destination? Maybe you already know the location you both want to go to, search events that are happening at that time, and start planning your itinerary! So go on set up some travel alerts, schedule time off work, plan your trip and get honeymooning!

Menu Tasting

Some venues offer a meal tasting so you can narrow down your choices! This doesn't have to be a chore of a task, make a date night out of it, get dressed up and go pick your favourites! The same goes for your cake or desserts, some bakers offer samples to purchase to help your narrow down your sweet treats!