Decluttering Children's Artwork

How to handle your kid's artwork? Hire me to scan it, and declutter your home! As a parent of a school-aged daughter, I understand that the artwork bin piles up fast, keeping the creative nooks in your home tidy while showing your littles that their artwork matters is so important. Scan the art, save the art; outsource scanning to a professional, display the art in your home digitally, and create curated yearbooks with their art and family photos!

Pricing Guide

Full Box

- Up to 500 scans
- Up to A4 sized art pieces
- High-resolution digital scans
- Online gallery hosting for one year

Starting at $750

Partial Box

- Up to 250 scans
- Up to A4-sized art pieces
- High-resolution digital scans
- Online gallery hosting for one year

Starting at $425

Scupture/Large Art

- Custom Photography on white backdrop
- High-resolution photographs
- Online gallery hosting for one year

Custom pricing


How do you scan the artwork?

I use a flatbed scanner for the best resolution for the images. The maximum artwork dimension size is A4 (8.3 x 11.7 inches) images are scanned at a resolution of 300ppi, on average the files are 2500 x 3000.

Where are you based and do you offer pickup/delivery??

I am located in Kanata North, and at this time I do not offer pick-up and delivery. Porch dropoffs and pick-ups must be coordinated so the items are not exposed to the elements.

When will we get our scans back?

You will receive an online gallery link with all your scans within maximum 2 weeks. If available, expedited services (24 hours) can be requested for an additional rate. You can download all the photos from the gallery but also share them!

How many scans will we receive?

Each package denotes an "up to" rate, if you exceed 500 scans, you'll be charged an additional $1.50/scan

Double-sided artwork counts as 2 scans.

Do we get our artwork back?

Yes! Unless you want me to dispose your artwork for you, all your artwork is packaged back up for you to pick-up.

Do you scan Photographs and Negatives?

At this time I do not offer this service. I have experience with photo restoration and preserving images, however, at this time I am not set up to handle this type of media.

What should my family do with the scans after?

- Display them digitally on Art TVs, digital frames, your phone, or your computer
- Create prints of the special pieces for family
- Create a memory book with the scans and family photos each year.

How can I keep all the artwork tidy after?

Downsize your artwork storage box and send the boxes to be scanned to help you declutter, get a shadow box for the wall to display the art and it doubles as a storage frame. Order a family yearbook, this can include artwork and family portraits!