OMG You're Engaged!

Let's just take a moment to celebrate this exciting milestone! Here are some amazing tips and tricks to make the most of your engagement session and have the best time! As an Ottawa Engagement Photographer, I've got many helpful ideas for your photoshoot so here are the top 5 Engagement Photoshoot ideas to get you started with planning! (These tips can also be used if you've stumbled on this while trying to plan a surprise proposal photoshoot!)

1. The Best Details: Date, Time and Location!

I always ask my clients if one of these 3 details is a top priority. Maybe the date is sentimental and you want to prioritize that, or you have really been wanting a golden hour engagement photoshoot, or there is a location that is highly sentimental to you. Let's incorporate that and make your session highly personal and special!

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2. Pamper Yourselves!

Once you picked a date/time, book that appointment with your barber, or schedule your hair and make-up trial, treat yourself and get your nails done!! Your engagement session deserves that luxury feel, make yourself feel like a million dollars and pamper yourself for the session.

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3. Coordinate Outfits

Over everything, pick an outfit that feels like YOU, pick something that is comfortable for you. If an outfit is not something you feel comfortable or confident in, your photoshoot might feel awkward. Pick outfits with colours that complement each other, but don't pick busy or distracting patterns, pick something that flows with the location as well.

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4. Make it Personal

Pets or props can really liven up a session and make it really reflect you as a couple! If you're bringing a pet or anything elaborate, either book the session at home or bring a friend to help wrangle items/pets since the entire photoshoot most likely won't revolve around these personal touches.

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5. Make it a Date!

You're all dressed up and on cloud 9 from having me as your photographer pump you up from your session... Why not keep that excitement going and book a reservation to your favourite restaurant?

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