A Garden Oasis in the Heart of Ottawa

The Dominion Arboretum truly stands as our very own garden oasis, a sanctuary within the Experimental Farm that offers an array of enchanting backdrops for any photography session. From magnificent tree collections to the vibrant hues of the ornamental gardens, to the gorgeous greenhouses, every corner of the Arboretum tells a story waiting to be captured. As an associate for Stacy Kenopic Photography, I had the pleasure of capturing the magic that unfolded in this picturesque garden oasis for Anu and Todd's Engagement session. As we strolled through the gardens finding the perfect nooks for photos, Anu and Todd shared glimpses into their love story with me. Their sweetness and adorable laughter echoed through the Arboretum, it was a joy to photograph the two of them.

A quick note for those considering a photography session at the Experimental Farm whether for a wedding or portraits, the requirement for approval and permits has gone back and forth over the years. Always refer to the public activities page for up to date information. At the time of this blog post, approval is not required.