Wedding Planners help with SO MUCH but

one of the tasks that you as a couple need to DIY is to pack all your items. It can be stressful to try to have that moment of "UGH, did we pack everything?" As a seasoned Ottawa Wedding Photographe, I've put together of major items (from experience!) that people have forgotten on their wedding day. Honestly some of these seem so obvious, but in the hustle and bustle (pun intended) of wedding day prep items can and do go astray!

While you might laugh later about a quick fix that had to be put in place (Like using a steak knife to cut your cake), let's set you up for success with this list of things to pack:

13 Things People Forget on Their Wedding Day:

Invitations/ Stationary (for your Photographer to do flat lays)

Accommodations for your wedding night

Marriage license

Robe or wide neck shirt - (for getting ready so you don't mess up your hair or make-up)

Cake topper

Cake Cutter

Breakfast/Brunch (being a hangry bride or groom is no fun)

Writing a Thank you Speech

Extra copy of your vows

Phone Chargers (in this last post, I mention not keeping your phone with you, but at least for getting ready/your overnight bag)

Rings/Wedding Bands

Applying sunscreen

Someone to take gifts