Mistakes Happen, Let's Avoid the Silly Ones:

I've worked my fair share of weddings and learned some valuable tips to help avoid silly mistakes on your wedding day. Here are the top 5 that come to mind with some anecdotes from weddings I have worked.

1) Having your Phone on you at your Wedding.

Hello! All your important people are in this room with you, if someone is trying to reach you it can wait. Hand over your phone to someone else for the day, they can manage any incoming calls/texts. Plus they'll maybe snap some adorable behind-the-scenes on your phone if they have a moment.

Also, put your phone on silent.... Funny story, a client's mom forgot to put her phone on silent and it was in her purse and it rang during her processional with the groom.

2) Not Having Hair and Makeup Trial

Having your hair and make-up done is SUCH a good feeling and such a lovely indulgence. Booking a trial not only helps you decide if your Pinterest board dreams really are what you want, but it also helps you decide if you picked the perfect hair stylist or make-up artist for your wedding day!

I scheduled my trials on a day I was attending an event, and I felt like a million dollars and it confirmed that I made a great choice. (My stylist is no longer taking clients, otherwise, I would sing her praises by linking her website here)

3) Waiting to Shop for your Wedding Attire

Calling all brides, grooms, wedding party members, and even guests to read this one. SECURE YOUR OUTFIT (and get it tailored) Leaving attire to the last minute can result in disappointment, panic, or wardrobe issues. If you have your heart set on a style/colour/outfit reach out to the store that carries it to let them know your date, ask what is the ideal time to try the item on, and what the timeline is for alterations. Also, inquire if they offer attire storing services and if they carry any accessories that are exclusive to the line.

Funny story about a last-minute outfit that happened to the mother of the Groom at a wedding I assisted at. She bought her dress the night before an out-of-town (read: not near any stores) wedding and didn't notice that the ink security tag wasn't removed. I called the store on her behalf while she was fixing her hair, and they advised us not to tamper with it since it wasn't obvious, just a nuisance at the bottom and they would remove it at her convenience later.

4) Not Personalizing your Wedding (or Having a Tradition you aren't Excited about)

Just because it is tradition doesn't mean you have to do it, if you cringe at garter tosses do not do one. Your wedding is about the love you share with your partner, your friends and family should support you in your celebration however you decide to celebrate it. At the end of the day this is the start of your marriage celebrate it the way that makes your heart swoon.

5) Hiring the Wrong Photographer

Your wedding Photographer is basically your wedding day BFF, just like you are sharing your wedding celebrations with your guests you're sharing it with your vendors too. Hire one that clicks with you and your partner.

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