A Night to Remember: Ottawa Wedding Vendors Peer Choice Awards and Industry Night

I had the pleasure of capturing the magic of the Ottawa Wedding Vendors Peer Choice Awards and Industry Night at The Boathouse Café. It was an evening filled with excitement, talent, and celebration, as the best in the wedding industry came together to honor their peers and showcase their skills. Here's a glimpse into the highlights of the night and gallery link at the end of the post for high quality photos:

About the Event:

Each sponsor brought their A-game to the Ottawa Wedding Vendors Peer Choice Awards and Industry Night at The Boathouse Cafe, showcasing the very best of their talents and services. AM Florals enchanted us all with their breathtaking floral arrangements. SmoQue Shack made the most mouthwatering poutine, adding a savory delight to the evening. The Baker in Pajamas wowed guests with a cake so beautiful it seemed almost too good to eat. The photobooth courtesy of 613 Party Rentals was packed with guests laughing and celebrating. Erin Heather Beauty worked her magic with makeup, ensuring that everyone looked their absolute best for the festivities! Pulse Entertainment brought the dance floor to life playing the best music! Luc from Grey Loft captured the essence of the evening with his expert videography skills. And let's not forget about the custom beverages served up by Ottawa Mobile Bar, adding a touch of sophistication to the celebration. Wishtree Design Inc. created a venue centrepiece dancefloor design that was installed by Ottawa Dance Floors, setting the stage for an unforgettable night of dancing and celebration. All hosted at the ungorgettable and stunning Boathouse Cafe!!

While it was a party to kick off the wedding season, it was also to celebrate award winners!! Hosted by Ottawa Wedding Vendors, these awards are prestigious! What makes these awards truly special is the way they're decided - based purely on the quality and value you bring to the industry. Your peers have to nominate you, and each vendor can only cast one vote. This event was truly a celebration of community and camaraderie!! Check out the winner highlights here!

The Key To a Packed Dance floor at an Event

With Mark from Pulse Entertainment as the DJ, Ottawa Dance Floors Installation, and Wishtree's design they took the dance floor to the next level, creating the perfect atmosphere for guests to let loose and dance the night away! Shout out to Brittany from Wild in Bloem who kicked off the party, ensuring that the dance floor was alive with energy and excitement from start to finish!! <3