I know what you're thinking I just had my Ottawa Photoshoot, and I have my engagement photographs, elopement photographs, or wedding photographs ready for download.... What do I do with them to preserve and protect them? Your photos are an heirloom, below are the steps to save them, I recommend using a few (or all) of these options! A good note is that the more places you save your images the less likely you are to lose all your photos if one resource fails.


USB storage is an easy-peasy way to store and share your photos digitally! You can get super cute USB drives and customize them too! Due to their portability, you should always have your photos backed up to another location in case you accidentally misplace it!

One thing to note is that as laptops get sleeker, the USB port is becoming extinct without an adapter, so check your devices, do you have a USB port built-in, or do you have adapters at hand?

Cloud Storage

I am obsessed with Dropbox for online storage, I have my client images on there but also my personal photographs on there too. I love that I can easily access the images digitally wherever I am!

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Computer - Local Storage

Save your photos to your computer as soon as you get your gallery link so they are secure! For one, you should view your photos on a large screen instead of your phone. Second, you're probably less likely to misplace your computer.... maybe, haha.

Hard Drive

You've already downloaded your images to your computer, so simply copy the same folder to a hard drive. I keep my wedding photos stored on 2 portable hard drives: Lacie Rugged 1TB Drive and Seagate Portable 1TB Drive

Print Them

Your engagement photos should definitely be printed for save-the-date cards, or framed photos at engagement celebrations.

Professionally printing images for a gallery wall, custom album, and even folio boxes are perfect ways to display your gorgeous, gorgeous photographs!

One of our first wedding prints was from adding a classic silver frame to our wedding registry. Growing up my family members always had a wedding portrait in a silver frame displayed in their homes. Consider family traditions as well when printing.

Online Gallery - Limited Time

I host my client's galleries for at least 1 year on my online gallery, so they are ready in just a few clicks for you!

Gallery examples here.

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