Decluttering Your Home

As parents, we can't throw out the art, if we do, our littles will ask us about that kitty cat drawing 15 minutes after the recycling has been picked up from the curb. As a Mom and an Ottawa Wedding Photographer, I both cherish and foster creativity and art, but I do not love the clutter. The easiest solution is to get a larger box, but the best solution is to hire me to scan it!

Here are ideas of what you can do with the art after you hire me to scan it that really show your littles that their art is so important!

1) Recycle it

I know this is heartbreaking to send it out to the curb, but you already hired me to scan it. It's preserved and saved digitally. Just part with it.

2) Create a shadow box

Hang a frame or two near your little's play space or desk. Only the art that fits gets kept and displayed. It helps to encourage them to keep creating art by displaying their work in their space.

3) Keep a small artwork storage box

Like the shadow box, only the art that fits in the storage box gets kept. It is the pieces that hold the most sentiment and the most joy that get kept and the box can match the decor to blend in and be curated to the space!

4) To the Cloud!

Save the photos to an online gallery (this is offered for 1 year with my scanning services!) You can look back at the beautiful artwork online and share links with family.

5) Send it/Share it

Repurpose the best photos for gifts for loved ones! Share the art with relatives and loved ones who will also cherish and display the artwork.

6) Digital displays

Your TV displays some of the world's greatest work, add your children's artwork in with the greats! From Art TVs to digital frames, to computer screen savers, digitally display their work!

7) Create a Yearbook

Hire me to scan the artwork and take your family photos, then create a family yearbook!