Wedding Planner to Wedding Photographer

I'll name-drop below some amazing planners that I have worked with over the years (with clickable links!!)

I am obsessed with weddings, and here is why; I have done it ALL. I have worked as a Photobooth Manager, a Wedding Planner, a Day-of Coordinator, Wedding Videographer, Wedding Photographer (obvy), and had the most wonderful wedding getting married to my loving husband, Matt.

I fell into Wedding and Event planning, I don't think I really sought out the role, it just happened. And I really fell head over heels for it. The lead-up to any client wedding was a whirlwind of conversations with a wedding day dream team, making sure everyone is on the same page, sending all the organized notes to the clients, coffee shop meetings (ah, the before-covid times), video calls, and phone calls. But I also thrived in the chaos and was quick to jump at problem-solving moments. ("Hi, Matt, can you measure our kitchen table? I am fairly certain it's the exact size we need for this client's out-of-stock cake table for tomorrow." ..... and it was.)

The days start early fueled by coffee and chipper "good morning" texts to the couple. The orchestra of vendors begins as items get delivered, assembled, and perfected. Then there is a moment on the wedding day where a wave of calm washes over you, your couple says their vows, and you cheer about this as "YES! This moment happened!" And then you are jettisoned off into planner mode again, scurrying people to places for photos, checking that the reception is perfect, moving ceremony pieces to the reception, the whirlwind kicks off again.

Today, I do not work as a Wedding Planner anymore (and if any searches brought you here and you were so excited to have me as a planner, I DO give my Photography clients all the skills and attention to detail that I harnessed working as a planner, so they get all these extra talents from me!

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4 Remarkable Ottawa Wedding Planners that I have worked with over the years:

Frid Events

Sinclair & Co. Design

Erica Irwin Weddings and Events

Baillie-David & Co.