Not only did Janine and Devin have an awesome wedding theme, they held their reception at the Ottawa venue where they met at, not many people can say that! In a 2 day wedding celebration, Janine and Devin exchanged their vows officiated by their friend Nicole, then threw the best party at Osgoode Community Centre.

With rain in the forecast the day definitely had a moody vibe to it, but all was amazing because we snuggled up under the pavillion space where Janine and Davin met and took awesome photos! The reception was adorned with the best spooky and elegant decor, and they even incorporated their pets, check out the photos if you can spot their photos! They had the best party but the cherry on top was honouring Janine's dad with handing out moustaches where parents joined the dance floor with their kids. I was tearing up behind my camera.

Congratulations Janine and Devi,!! I wish you two a life time of love and happiness!!