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Engagement FAQ

What do I need to know for my session?

This is all about YOU! As a couple, you already have an undeniable magnetic attraction, but maybe you have a few questions beyond "why are we so gosh darn adorable?"

Like, what the heck do I wear? Where should we have our session? Can we bring props, pets, kids?!

And I am here to let you know, I have you covered with easy peasy details below!


What should I wear?

This session is about YOU, So wear clothes that make you feel like YOU!
If you are looking for outfit inspiration, I recommend colour blocking and avoiding conflicting prints. if you really want some inspiration, scouting out seasonal “engagement outfits” on Pinterest is a good way to spend 30 minutes especially if you want to online shop online!

What are some must have beauty products?

Don’t use any new beauty products right before a session that hasn’t been tested previously by you or your partner. Or better yet, book your wedding make-up trial for your engagement shoot, since your make-up artist will know the perfect products just for you!

Where should our session be?

While there are many locations in Ottawa that are close to my heart as perfect spots, I want to know what is perfect for you? Was there a cafe you met at? Maybe a park that you love to feed ducks at? A restaurant where your love proposed?

Tell me all about it and let's capture some photos there! I'm also excited to share my favourite Ottawa gems with you if you are stumped on where to go!

Can I bring pets?


Can I bring props?

Yes! Have a plan of action in mind to use them at the beginning or the end of the session if they are not items you want in ALL your photos.

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